10403166_518993474869913_7116974939206578965_nThe Rock Coast Networkers are a non-profit referral network of business people that help each other grow their businesses through word of mouth advertising.  It’s no secret that word of mouth advertising is the single most effective advertising you don’t do.  The power of someone referring your business to a friend or an associate is so compelling that when done correctly, the person may not even care what it costs to get the service they need.  They will use your business because “so-and-so” said to.  The Rock Coast Networkers look to utilize the power of that referral system to improve success in its members’ businesses.

Our networking organization exists for the purpose of helping each other grow our businesses through the referral process.


We will promise to provide our services or deliver our products with the highest ethical standards possible.

We agree that we will attend meetings as they are scheduled. Members are required to attend one meeting a year.

Dues of $50.00, $100 for corporate membership with all employees able to attend but only two main featured employees on website for one year.  Dues are to be paid quarterly, in advance, and will cover the weekly charge for the breakfast and meeting place. Checks will be made out to: Rock Coast Networkers. Any additional expenses will be shared equally by the membership and paid through a special assessment which may occur from time to time, and will cover such expenses as web site hosting and the purchase of necessary materials.

The organization of the group will consist of a president, secretary/treasurer, and membership chairperson. The term of office will be 1 year. The president will be responsible for running the meetings. The secretary/treasurer will be responsible for collecting the food money and paying the host/hostess. The membership chairperson will appoint 2-3 other members to serve on the membership committee to determine membership qualifications and to adjudicate disputes.

Meetings will start at 7:30AM and end promptly at 8:30 AM one day per week as agreed upon by the membership.

Members will have 60 seconds to tell their “elevator speech” about his or her profession.

We will have a 15-minute presentation monthly, by a member, to give them a chance to go into more depth in describing their services. Alternatively, once a month, we could invite someone from the outside to be a guest speaker on a topic that will be of interest to the group.

The final 15 minutes of the meeting will be dedicated to passing referrals between members, or sharing “good news” testimonials.

Guests are welcome anytime but can only attend twice before having to submit a membership application for review and acceptance.

Download Membership Application: RCN Visitor Package